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    1. Used Clothing Second Hand Clothes?ABC Inc
      Used Clothing, Used Clothes Wholesale, Secondhand Clothing, Second hand Clothes for Export, Used Recycled Jeans, Used Garments, Second Hand Apparel and Rags
      Best Secondhand Clothes and Recycled Used Clothing Wholesale and for Export, About Us
      About & Conditions

      Founded in 1995 "ABC Best Used Clothing",  America's Best Closeouts, Inc is backed with 22 years of industry experience, providing top-notch Closeouts, Surplus, Liquidations, Deals, Used Recycled Clothing, Second Hand Jeans, Used Apparel and Garments

      President and Founder Mr Manny
      America's Best Closeouts, Inc
      Miami, Florida, USA
      Ph.#(305) 477-4060 +
      477-0280 + 499-4112
      F a x #(305) 477-0290


      We are Traders, Graders and Packers of Used, Second Hand, Recycled Clothing in many Grades or Qualities, such as:

      Grade AAA = Premium

      Grade AA = Special

      Grade A = Diamante Grade A
      (the Best Selling Quality)

      Grade A+B = #4th Quality
      Our 2nd Best Selling
      Grade B = Low Grade B =#5

      We Grade and Pack the following:

      Mixed Brands Jeans
      Levi's Strauss Jeans
      Mixed Summer Clothing for Adults
      Mixed Summer Clothing for Childrens from 0 to 12
      Mixed Winter Clothing for Men, Women & Childrens
      Mixed House Rummage
      Mixed Credential / Un-Graded & Un-Sorted
      Mixed Used Military Clothing
      including some sorted items

      We are America's Best
      Closeouts, Inc 
      Used Clothing Wholesale Company
      located at:
      1301 NW 89th Ct, Doral (Miami), Florida- USA 33172
      Phone #(305) 477-0280 + (305) 477-4060 + (305) 710-2550
      F a x #(305) 477-0290 

      For Orders of Full Containers 50% Deposit and Balance (50%) paid in Full before Loading your container. All Small Orders of less than a Full Container must be paid in Full.

      SHIPPING Conditions: All Prices are X-Miami, Florida in our Warehouses, we Do NOT Sell C&F or CIF, we only Sell in Miami.
      We Do Not Do any Shipping, it is Up to The Buyer to Pick-Up his Order in our Warehouses in Miami ** Buyer must Use his Own Shipping Company **
      If the Buyer Do Not have a Shipping Company we can Recommend up to 8 Shipping Companies or Agents.

      Atention All Buyers: (our Slogan) "MI CASA ES SU CASA" = My House is Your House ... You are Welcome to Come to Miami to see our Warehouses and The Way we Grade and Pack our Used Clothing .. Please, let us know your ETA and will arrange your pick-up at The Miami Int'l Airport.
      We Do Not Send Letters of Invitation to Get a Visa to Come to the U.S.A.

      Any Questions ?

      * Because our Used Clothing is Graded by Humans and Not Machines, we have Human Errors in Every Order (small Holes & small Tears) Please, See all our pages here or send us an email asking us the percentage (%) of Human Error for Every Quality we Sell.

      Condition of Sale

      All Used Clothing Sold, has Human Errors and Defect that was missed at the Time of Grading and Packing, please note the following:

      Grade AAA .... 1 to 3% Errors / Damages or less
      Grade AA ...... 3 to 6 % Errors / Damages or less
      Grade A ........ 10% Errors / Damages or less (actual damages 6 to 10%)
      Grade B 35 to 50% Errors / Damages or less
      Grade A+B ...  35% Errors / Damages or less

      All Used Clothing of any Grade has an amount or percentage of Stains

      Videos and SlideShown are Indications of the different
      types of Used Clothing Sold.

      The above Damage Percentages are only indications, All Used Clothing is Sold as is, Where is, with No Warranty Expressed or Implied, No Refund and No Exchange. Once we Start Grading and Packing Any Order, we will NOT Stop until Finished ... Deposit is Not Refundable or Transferable.

      * In the event of dispute concerning any transaction, the exclusive jurisdiction for such dispute shall be only in the Miami-Dade County or Circuit Courts and the laws of the State of Florida shall apply. The prevailing party in such action shall be entitled to receive it’s reasonable attorney’s fees & all costs from the non-prevailing party.

      Any Questions ?


      Used Clothing Packed
      in Small Bales of 100
      Lbs or Large Bales of
      1,000 Lbs

      WE ARE SERIOUS SUPPLIERS .. Ready to be of Service to You

      Through our commitment, experience, and expertise ABC Best Used Clothing, Americas Best Closeouts, Inc. has established a business relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime!

      We are Serious Suppliers of Used Clothing in Miami and we are looking for SERIOUS and REAL BUYERS ONLY, and all inquiries will be qualified regarding their position and financial ability to finalize the transaction in an expeditious manner once all terms are agreed upon. We do not want casual lookers to waste neither their own time nor ours in unprofitable and unrealistic endeavors.

      When a SERIOUS BUYER replies to an Advertising or Offer made by ABC, Inc, it is necessary that we receive your complete Business information such as:

      Name of Company
      Name of Owner, President or General Manager
      Complete Address, City, State and Country
      Telephone and Fax Numbers
      Email and / or Web-pages

      For Those that Waste their Time and Ours, just Looking for a Letter of Invitation .. WE DO NOT SEND LETTERS OF INVITATION TO GET A VISA

      Any Questions ?